Delight your audience!

With his positive, life-affirming songs and happy vibe, Phil is widely known for his ability to engage audiences of all kinds . . .

"Songs that hit your heart!  You'll find meaning in his lyrics, which are related to everyday things we all experience."
- Nick Nolde, Lake Shore Live festival organizer

"You're bringing happiness into our living rooms!"
- Elizabeth Peterson, WLUC-TV

"WOW!!  Exceeded our expectations -- we couldn't imagine anything more perfect -- great, timeless music." 
- Matt R., following his wedding reception

"The thanks goes to you, Phil.  Your music and voice are wonderful and just perfect for last night’s reception."  - Nancy W., private party client

"Phil’s gifts as a teacher, musician and inspirational orator shine through in his presentation.  'Live Like Louis' captivated our audience!" 
- Carolyn Stacey, Escanaba Public Library Director