Would your church like a presentation with humor, live music, and theological depth conveyed in understandable terms? As an author, educator, and former worship pastor, Phil offers two 20-minute programs (perfect for sermon times when pastor is away): "Worship by Wesley" and "The Gospel According to Satchmo."

Worship by Wesley

All his adult life Phil has loved the hymns of Charles Wesley, especially those focusing on sanctification. He believes they're an vital inheritance that must be treasured and kept alive for futuregenerations. He will inspire your congregation with a 20-minute presentation, Worship by Wesley, focusing on "entire sanctification" (the Holy Spirit's continual work, forming us back into the image of God).

Worship with Wesley includes three of Charles's most well-loved hymns set to contemporary music. Lyrics-slides accompany the music so that worshipers may join in. A former United Methodist local pastor, Phil knits the hymns together with scripture, quotes from John Wesley, and illustrations, all to encourage worshipers to desire and pray for holiness of heart and mind.

Love Divine (with chorus)
One of the great hymns of Western Christianity! The singers ask the Holy Spirit of Christ literally to live in them, freeing them from the power of sin and restoring them into the image of God.

O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing (with chorus)
An upbeat, entirely new tune for the "national anthem" of Methodism, for joyful worship singing.

O Come and Dwell in Me
At ballad tempo, the worshippers sing to the Holy Spirit, inviting Him to live inside and purify them.

The Gospel According to Satchmo 

Phil also has a very well-received 20-minute version of his Louis Armstrong presentation called The Gospel According to Satchmo. It focuses primarily on how Louis knew our common purpose, to build up and contribute to others; and how he fulfilled his specific role in that great calling. He lived out Jesus' teaching that if our eye be healthy, then our whole body will be filled with light. And, when asked at the end of his life how he handled all the love sent his way, he replied simply, "I give it right back." This program features many slides and inspirational background along with a performance of "What a Wonderful World" with congregational participation encouraged.