Phil has been writing and performing positive, piano-based pop for over 30 years. With a songwriting style similar to Billy Joel and a voice often compared to Randy Newman,  Phil is known for his happy onstage vibe and -- in the words of one  festival organizer -- "Songs that hit your heart!"
Phil performs both as a solo act and with his backing band, the Red House Revelation. He loves to perform his songs and will work with you and your venue to create an event especially tailored to your audience. Most appearances also include some songs people already know and like to sing along to, like "Let It Be," "Over the Rainbow" and "What a Wonderful World."

Where Is the Love?

Everybody's fighting about everything. Where's the love? Phil tries to answer this in a Sixties-style pop song with musical shout-outs to the Beatles, Monkees, Beach Boys, and yes, even Melanie.

Heaven Is Here

Often used as a closer, a medium-tempo song reminding folks that "Heaven is here in the here and now, if you only have eyes to see it somehow. . ."

27 Years   

Mid-uptempo tune about 27 years of good, but real, marriage . . . and looking forward to more.

Phil's regional radio hit!

Played on stations throughout the Upper Peninsula in December 2018, a heartwarming song about what Christmas means in the U.P.

Here's to the Boys in Blue

A ballad that's a loving tribute to all our peace officers across this land: our awesome boys in blue (and their brave sisters too).

Me and Wynonna

Medium tempo, true story about missing a chance to go on the carnival rides with a young country star ca. 1986; but life turns out just fine.

Love Heals 

Mid-tempo and Gospel-inflected, based on the motto of the wonderful Magdalene House and Thistle Farms of Nashville. Includes an optional reading from I Corinthians 13 to reinforce the theme of healing love.

Just the Way

Medium-tempo song musing on the now-ness of everything: we're born, we're old, we're gone, all in a heartbeat. Still, "now and then a moment steps aside and makes atonement. . . ."

They Live On

People you loved may be gone, but they still live on through us and our actions. 
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Nobody's Got to Explain

A ballad written with world-class jazz singer, Kirsten Gustafson. It's true: "Nobody's got to explain when you're tired of the same old refrain, And when that sweetness becomes your weakness . . . nobody's got to explain." 
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Another collaboration with Ms. G., a "standard"-style ballad complete with introductory verse. The singer wonders if a soul mate is out there somewhere on distant sands or beyond the stars. "Just say 'Hello.' All at once it will be no dream."
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